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电子全能材料实验机首要选用伺服电机作为动力源,丝杠、丝母作为实行部件,完成实验机挪动横梁的速度操控。在传动操控上,目前首要有两种方式,同步带 和减速机。国内来说,长春地域的实验机厂家多选用同步带,而红山出来的实验机厂家多选用减速机。关于其优缺陷,还有待讨论,但都不影响用户运用。在测力上电子全能实验机均选用负荷 传感器。
The servo motor is the main power source of the electronic omnipotent material experimental machine, and the lead screw and screw mother are the implementing parts to complete the speed control of the moving beam of the experimental machine. At present, there are two main ways of transmission control, synchronous belt and speed reducer. Domestically, the experimental machine manufacturers in Changchun preferred synchronous belt, while those in Hongshan preferred decelerator. As for its advantages and disadvantages, it still needs to be discussed, but it does not affect the use of users. In force measurement, load sensors are used in all electronic omnipotent testing machines.
The high-pressure hydraulic source is selected as the power source for the hydraulic omnipotent material testing machine. Manual valve, servo valve or proportional valve are selected as control elements to stop operation. Ordinary hydraulic omnipotent testing machine can only stop manual loading, belongs to open-loop control system. Influenced by price factors, the force sensor is usually selected as hydraulic pressure sensor. The electro-hydraulic servo omnipotent material testing machine uses servo valves or proportional valves as control elements to stop operation. Some domestic manufacturers have also used high-precision load sensors to stop force measurement.
电子实验机,不用油源。所以更清洁,运用维护更便利,它的实验速度范围可停止调整,实验速度可达0.001mm/min-1000mm/min,速比可达100万倍之多,实验行程可按需求而定,更灵敏。 测力精度高,有些以至能抵达0.2%.体积小,重量轻,空间大,便利加配相应安装来做各项材料力学实验。真正做到了 一机多用。拓丰仪器实验机厂家消费的电子全能实验机,均可以做到载荷操控,应变操控,位移操控所谓的 三闭环操控。
Electronic experimental machine, no oil source. Therefore, it is cleaner, more convenient to use and maintain, and its experimental speed range can stop adjusting. The experimental speed can reach 0.001 mm/min-1000 mm/min, and the speed ratio can be as much as 1 million times. The experimental journey can be determined according to the needs and is more sensitive. The force measurement accuracy is high, some can reach 0.2%. It is small in size, light in weight and large in space. It is convenient to install the corresponding equipment to do various material mechanics experiments. Really achieved a multi-purpose machine. The electronic omnipotent experimental machine consumed by TOFENG Instrument Experimental Machine Manufacturer can achieve load control, strain control and displacement control so-called three closed-loop control.
液压实验机,受油源流量的限制,他的实验速度较低。手动液压全能实验机,操作较为简易,价钱廉价,但操控精度较低。电液伺服全能实验机,则性能与电子全能实验机比拟,除速度低外,操控精度不会差,选用负荷传感器的微机操控电液伺服全能实验机,力值精度也可以抵达0.5%左右。且在做 大吨位的 材料力学实验时,更更可靠,更安稳,性价比更高。
Hydraulic experimental machine, limited by the flow of oil source, his experimental speed is low. Manual hydraulic omnipotent experimental machine is easy to operate and cheap, but its control accuracy is low. The performance of the electro-hydraulic servo omnipotent experimental machine is comparable to that of the electronic omnipotent experimental machine. Except for the low speed, the control accuracy will not be poor. The force precision of the electro-hydraulic servo omnipotent experimental machine can reach about 0.5% when the load sensor is selected to operate. And in large tonnage material mechanics experiment, it is more reliable, more stable and cost-effective.
全能材料实验机,普遍应用于各种金属、非金属、复合材料、医药、食品、木材、铜材、铝材、塑料型材、电线电缆、纸张、薄膜、橡胶、纺织、航空航天等职业停止拉伸性能目的的检验,同时可依据用户供应的国内、国际规范定做各种实验数据处置软件和实验辅具。数字显现电子全能实验机适宜于只求力值 抗拉强度 抗压强度等相关数据的用户。如需求取较为杂乱参数,微机操控电子全能实验机是您更好的选择。从性价比来说,30T以下的电子全能实验机更有优势。
All-purpose material testing machine is widely used in various metals, non-metals, composite materials, medicine, food, wood, copper, aluminium, plastic profiles, wires and cables, paper, film, rubber, textile, aerospace and other occupations to stop the testing of tensile properties. At the same time, it can customize various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS according to the domestic and international standards supplied by users. Yes. Digital display electronic omnipotent testing machine is suitable for users who only strive for the relevant data such as tensile strength and compressive strength. If you need to take more cluttered parameters, computer-controlled electronic omnipotent experimental machine is your better choice. In terms of cost-effectiveness, the electronic omnipotent experimental machine under 30T has more advantages.
液压实验机首要用于金属,非金属材料和零件、部件、构件的拉伸,紧缩,弯曲等力学性能实验。液压全能实验机是工、矿企业、修建建材、质检中心、水利水电、桥梁工程、科研院所、大专院校力学实验室的理想的实验设备。手动操控的液压全能实验机,价钱廉价,适宜工矿企业的制品检验、单一材料目的检验。而电液伺服全能材料实验机,则适宜请求较高的钢铁,建材 检测类的实验室。30T以上的电液伺服全能实验机比拟电子全能实验机,更有价钱优势
Hydraulic testing machine is mainly used for tensile, compressive and bending tests of metal, non-metallic materials and parts, components and components. Hydraulic omnipotent experimental machine is an ideal experimental equipment for industrial, mining enterprises, building materials, quality inspection center, water conservancy and hydropower, bridge engineering, scientific research institutes, mechanical laboratories of colleges and universities. Manual operated hydraulic universal testing machine is cheap and suitable for product inspection and single material purpose inspection in industrial and mining enterprises. The electro-hydraulic servo omnipotent material testing machine is suitable for the laboratory of steel and building materials testing with higher requirements. The electro-hydraulic servo omnipotent experimental machine over 30T has more price advantage than the electronic omnipotent experimental machine.